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Characters who is demon road about?

Character appearances, references and information in this section will be updated as the comic is updated. While we will do our best to keep this section as spoiler free as possible, if you are not caught up with the comic, this section may contain spoilers. This section will not, however, contain spoilers for things that have not yet come to pass in the public version of the comic or comic summery.


Introduced: Chapter 1 Page 1
Current Age: 12
Occupation: Apprentice Royal Messenger
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Powers: None
Game: All
Character Sheets: Child Link: Messenger Uniform

About: Link is a free and easy going spirit with a tendency to let his curiosity get the better of him. While well meaning and helpful, he often finds his actions lead him and his friends into trouble. Link is extroverted, playful and friendly and makes friends quickly and easily. His stubbornly optimistic black and white attitude towards the way the world works makes him a frustrating companion for Ganon.


Introduced: Intro Page 1
Current Age: Unknown
Occupation: None
Weapon: Dual Swords
Powers: Unknown
Game: Most
Character Sheets: None

About: Found in the desert by Link on a mission to Gerudo Valley, Ganon has no memories of how he got there or where he is from.


Introduced: Chapter 1 Page 10
Current Age: 28
Occupation: Royal Messanger
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Powers: None
Game: Wind Waker
Character Sheets: None

About: Quill is a high ranking and highly respected messenger to the royal family. Quill is stern, serious and disciplined, often coming across as uptight and a bit arrogant. While serving the king in his peace missions with the Gerudo, Quill also acts as master to his young apprentice, Link. Though oftenappearing cold and stern towards Link as his master, Quill keeps hidden a gentle and brotherly soft spot for Link.